Responses of discontent employees

Maria Piotrowska


The paper is focused on an analysis of four responses to job discontent. Job discontent is defined as a motivator which is necessary to make progress in a professional career. Discontent employees can leave their organizations or to stay with them accomplishing additional tasks aimed at raising qualification or enhancing promotion, or job crafting, or they can choose a neglect option. Therefore, a model used in the paper is called Exit-Rush-Craft- Neglect, or the ERCN model. The research is aimed to determine how important the particular aspects of job are in explaining the responses of discontent employees. The analysis includes age groups. A source of data is a questionnaire survey carried out in Poland in November of 2016. Considering the intercorrelations among the job aspects and a large number of aspects the relative weight analysis is applied to establish the contribution of a particular job aspect to explaining a given response of job discontent . The findings reveal that employability is the most powerful motivator when employees respond to job discontent. The problem of overqualification induces the older to exit. Job crafting is chosen mostly by employees in the middle age when they perceive themselves independent and responsible. The age groups of employees are motivated to the neglect response by different job aspects – the young by unfairness at their work places, while older by the possibility to work at home. The results confirm the hypothesis that there are age differences in explaining the effects of the job aspects on the job discontent responses.
Autor Maria Piotrowska (NE / IE / KEM)
Maria Piotrowska
- Katedra Ekonomii Matematycznej
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Książka Omazic Mislav Ante , Roska Vlasta, Grobelna Aleksandra (red.): Economic and Social Development. 28th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development, Book of Proceedings, 2018, Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency, Varazdin, Croatia; Faculty of Management University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland; University North, Koprivnica, Croatia., ISBN 9771849753006, 526 s.
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