Data and Services Security Issues and Challenges in Cloud Computing Environment s

Artur Rot


Cloud computing is a new paradigm of IT services delivery. The main risks for the cloud services are related to the areas of authentication, data security and privacy, interfaces with internal systems, system availability and business continuity. Among these factors, safety and privacy are the most important area, because the data in this case are stored outside the organizations. On the one hand, the model of cloud computing is more secure than the traditional model, but on the other hand, the company gives away a certain part of the control over its IT resources. These aspects of cloud computing raise the highest concern for the potential users. However, they are often groundless because the level of security that is guaranteed by the service provider is often higher than the level of security in a single company. This article presents the cloud computing as a business model, which uses the latest technologies, and in particular indicates the most significant challenges facing it, especially those related to of data and services security issues
Autor Artur Rot (ZIF / IIE / KSI)
Artur Rot
- Katedra Systemów Informacyjnych
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Książka Callaos Nagib, Sanchez Belkis, Savoie Michael (red.): Proceedings of The 22nd World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. Vol. I, 2018, International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, ISBN 9781941763810, 190 s.
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