Opportunities and Barriers to the Development of Agriculture 4.0 in the Context of Low Carbon Agriculture in Poland

Arkadiusz Piwowar


Agriculture 4.0, as a vis ion of agricultural development, has great potential for limiting undesirable and harmful pollution of the natural environment resulting from agricultural activity. The multid imens ional and cumulative nature of negative phenomena, mainly related to the chemizati on of agriculture, raises challenges, related to, among others, to the development of information a nd communication technologies. The aim of this paper is to provide knowledge about Agriculture 4.0 in Poland, including current opportunities and barriers to its development. The background for the presented issues is the development of a low carbon economy. In Poland , there are Information and communication techno logies as well as robotics available, which can provide the basis for solving ecological problems in agricultural production. However, according to analyses, farmers constitute the largest social group in Poland without access to computers and the Internet.
Autor Arkadiusz Piwowar (IE / INE / KZG)
Arkadiusz Piwowar
- Katedra Zarządzania i Gospodarki Żywnościowej
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Książka Jedlicka Pavel, Maresova Petra, Soukal Ivan (red.): Hradec Economic Days Vol. 8(2). Double-blind peer-reviewed proceedings paart II of the international scientific conference Hradec Economic Days 2018, 2018, University of Hradec Kralove, ISBN 9788074357015, 591 s.
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Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimAgriculture 4.0, precision agriculture, ICT, pesticides, Poland
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