Ecological Awareness of the Residents of Czestochowa Region - Results of Survey

Manuela Ingaldi , Szymon Dziuba


The Cracow-Czestochowa Upland is famous for interesting views and natural places to spend free time with friends or members of family. Unfortunately, both industry and residents have a negative impact on this area. Recently, people's awareness has been slowly re-evaluating. People begin to understand the need to think about the natural environment, they finally know that they are not the only species on the Earth, they do not have a special right to use the environment's resources and have found that the state of their surroundings has a direct impact on their lives. They began to use the concept of the ecological awareness. For many people it became a part of their lives. The ecological awareness is the way of thinking and experiences of individual people, the standards of understanding and valuing the biosphere which function in the society. Therefore, it is important to expand this awareness between people through various actions, research, published articles. The purpose of the paper is to evaluate awareness of the Czestochowa region about the natural environment and its state in their neighborhood. The survey was conducted in the form of an online survey. The results of the survey will show the condition of the natural environment and air in the research area according to respondents. Different action of the local government which, according to the residents, had an impact on the natural environment will be presented. The behavior and style of life of residents which also influence this environment will be described.
Author Manuela Ingaldi - Czestochowa University of Technology (PCz)
Manuela Ingaldi,,
, Szymon Dziuba (EaE / IES / DLaC)
Szymon Dziuba,,
- Department of Labor and Capital
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Book 18th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference. SGEM 2018. Conference proceedings. Vol. 18. Ecology, economics, education and legislation, Conference Procedings, vol. 5.3 Environmental economics, 2018, International Multidisciplinary Scientyfic GeoConference SGEM, ISBN 978-619-7408-48-5, 920 p., DOI:10.5593/sgem2018/5.3
Keywords in EnglishNatural Environment, Ecological Awareness, Survey
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