Creative in Diversity: Developing Entrepreneurial Talents in European University Networks – Experiences from an Intercultural, (Blended-) Team-Learning Opportunity

Matthias Eickhoff , Tomasz Dyczkowski


The paper introduces the idea, pillars and methodology of COEUR Competence in EuroPreneurship which started in 2004 as a week ly course for students to develop a value proposition with visionary strength and European scope in intercul tural teams. On the basis of the workshop experience and with EU-suppor t, the COEUR Business Creativity Module was introduced into regular university curricula (blended learning). The feedback of the students to COEUR was equally encouraging as the in spiring experience which workshops in China and Brazil contributed, deepening the unders tanding of entrepreneurial culture and development processes. Going beyond regular evaluation afte r every workshop, a career tracking has started to find out how former par ticipants evaluate the lessons learned with a distance and how this influenced their further professional development. The paper highlights the relevance of COEUR for SMEs, it invites universities to join the network and offers strategic partnership to enterprises to foster innovative entrepreneurial learning
Autor Matthias Eickhoff
Matthias Eickhoff
, Tomasz Dyczkowski (ZIF / IR / KRC)
Tomasz Dyczkowski
- Katedra Rachunku Kosztów, Rachunkowości Zarządczej i Controllingu
Objętość publikacji w arkuszach wydawniczych0.85
Książka Nordic Conference on Small Business Research, 2012, Aalto University Small Business Center
Języken angielski
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